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Liberty Magnet is dedicated to preparing our students for secondary education and beyond, as well as building crucial life skills that will help them as they continue their education, and into the workforce.  At Liberty Magnet, we strive to offer the most diverse and rigorous courses to ensure our students are prepared to achieve the goals they set for themselves.  Our LSU pathway courses in the Pre-engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Digital and Emergent Media, and Computer Science offer a variety of opportunities for our students to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) fields in which they are interested. 

Liberty programs in academics, athletics, and extracurricular teams are recognized for excellence both locally and nationally.    Every Patriot is encouraged to find somewhere to connect and participate.  Our vision is to provide students an opportunity to develop leadership characteristics through opportunities to serve.  Students at Liberty are encouraged to imagine, plan, and execute programs and functions on campus by working collaboratively and taking ownership for the shared Patriot Experience.  

We are driven by our five Core Values - Equity, Community, Opportunity, Service, and Integrity.  These values drive our decision-making and approach to the implementation of programming for all stakeholders.  


The mission of Liberty Magnet High School is to provide a college preparatory curriculum that will develop and nurture highly motivated global leaders that excel in every field of human achievement.


Learning is a process in which students receive information, acquire new skills, and contribute prior knowledge.  Through the learning process students integrate and apply the information, skills, and prior knowledge in the fields of computing, engineering, digital media, and biomedical sciences.  Liberty accomplishes this by integrating STEM theme across curricula.  


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Equity Liberty's policies, practices, and guiding principles ensure stakeholders have differential access to programming, opportunities, and supports by eliminating barriers that exist for students, families, and staff. 

Community - Liberty prioritizes a vision of shared experience, achievement, investment and responsibility among its stakeholders.  Emphasis is placed on an internal and external awareness of the impact each Patriot can have.  We invest in the work to appreciate our differences and diversity while building relationships that share in one another's burdens and achievements.  

Opportunity - Liberty ensures that all students have access to high quality offerings in Academics, Athletics, and Extracurricular activities.  There is a focus on "deliberate scholarship" that works to eliminate ceilings of academic opportunity and encourage continued learning.  Participation in classes, teams, and organizations help stakeholders develop tools and skills through a diverse set of on-campus experiences.  

Service - Liberty emphasizes a stakeholder-centered approach where all participants engage in continuous active service to others.  This creates a positive experience for all members of the community in an environment that is inclusively supportive, proactive, and responsive.  Through service, everyone benefits - both the receiver and provider.  Our culture of service starts within, but extends beyond, our internal school community.  

Integrity - Liberty stakeholders are encouraged and expected to act with honesty, lead by example, commit to what is right -even without recognition,- and be motivated by their positive impact on others.  

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