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At Liberty Magnet High School, we’ve partnered with LSU to create four STEM pathways to help our students get college-level experience, college credits, and accelerate their learning in STEM subjects they’re passionate about through our dual-enrollment classes and AP courses. Students will learn through hands-on projects and interaction with industry professionals, allowing them to get a better grasp on the workings of the industry they’re interested in exploring.  All Liberty Magnet students enroll in one of the four LSU STEM Pathways.  
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Students will understand the careers available to them in STEM fields as well as learn key skills such as teamwork, oral and written technical communication, and work ethic that will serve them well whether they pursue an advanced degree or immediately join the workforce.


The LSU Biomedical Science Certification Pathway immerses students in the rapidly advancing world of biomedicine. Students are exposed to the myriad of careers in biomedicine, focusing on the health of both animals and humans. This pathway is designed to cultivate the skills and knowledge that will prepare students for immediate workforce entry into biomedicine-related fields or the pursuit of pre-med or other science-related degrees in college. Pathway coursework provides students with authentic opportunities to engage with their community through action research, internships, and guest speakers. 


Through hands on projects, the curriculum prepares students to compete in the 21st century job market by engaging them in understanding the fundamentals of computing. Students will be able to apply computational thinking techniques in many different STEM disciplines and demonstrate proficiency in computing in many settings, such as explaining the implications of the use of technology in social interactions, advice on protecting systems from possible cyberattacks, and creating interactive websites and applications.


The digital & emerging media pathway addresses the constantly transforming field of digital media by enabling: digital storytelling – no matter the media; production skills training and certification in a variety of media types; programming experience specializing in web and digital media; and engagement in emergent media practice culminating in group based projects, exhibition/performance, and portfolio development.


Through hands on projects and interaction with industry professionals, the curriculum prepares students to compete in the 21st century by teaching students to understand the fundamentals of engineering in the classroom as well as in the workplace.


Interested in learning more about this program? Please visit for further information concerning the LSU STEM Pathways Project, as well as detailed breakdowns of each component of the program, and more in-depth looks into each of the four pathways.
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