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Our Mission

The mission of Liberty Magnet High School is to provide a college preparatory curriculum that will develop and nurture highly motivated global leaders that excel in every field of human achievement.

Course Offerings

At Liberty Magnet, we strive to offer the most diverse and opportunistic courses to our students. Our pathway courses in engineering, biomedical, digital design and media, and computer science offer a multitude of courses to guide our students to achieve the goals set for themselves in academics and socio-culturally. 

STEM Program

Our STEM program is headed up via our engineering pathway and supplemented through our biomedical, digital media, and computer science pathways. A strong emphasis is placed on the STEM and digital media with ample opportunity for students to concentrate in these areas. Students have the opportunity to take college credit courses and experience concentrated content courses. This program offers students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in a field of study they may decide to follow in college. 

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Liberty Magnet Events

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